VigorPool’s core values are rooted in a commitment to creating premium quality, eco-friendly portable power stations that are ideal for use during power outages, camping or the outdoors. 

VigorPool portable power stations have been available in South Africa since 2022 and can be purchased directly on our website or through one of our many retail partners including national chains such as Outdoor Warehouse and Mica or through  specialist outdoor and electronics stores such as  Just Like Papa or Orms.

VigorPool’s premium quality portable power station are ideal for use during load shedding, as well as for camping and outdoors.  They include the highest quality components and exceptional finishes with the latest state of the art features.


VigorPool was started to bring a safer, more affordable, and longer-lasting solution to our portable power needs. We combine our advanced technological skills with our enviromental knowledge to produce the highest quality, green, portable power solutions.

Load Shedding | Camping & Outdoors | UPS


  • Lithium ion phosphate battery power: Use everyday for 10 years and still retain 80% battery capacity thereafter.
  • Super fast charging: re-charge to 100% in just 1.5 hours.
  • Advanced UPS functionality: uninterruptible power supply allowing you to leave you devices permanently plugged into the CAPTAIN while bypassing the batteries until they are needed.
  • Parallel system: Connect two VigorPool CAPTAINS together and double the capacity and output.