EvoCharge SUNMASTER 100W PRO Waterproof Portable Solar Panel


Enjoy solar power at home or on-the-go with the SUNMASTER 100W PRO portable solar panel. Power your everyday appliances at home and off-grid with sustainable solar energy. Lightweight and travel friendly this premium solar panel includes a quality carry bag and accessories Connect and charge your VigorPool Captain and enjoy endless green energy.


  • 100W Mono-crystalline waterproof solar panel.
  • Superior Conversion Efficiency:  Advanced solar cell technology allows for excellent sun conversion efficiency of up to 24.3%.  The SUNMASTER outperforms other comparable solar panels.
  • ETFE cell armour protective coating for durability and extended longevity.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Features include a built-in supporting kickstand,  easy carry handle and tent-style pegs to secure the panel in windy conditions.
  • Premium zip-up carry bag to protect your solar panel during transport and storage.
  • Universal adaptor cable included to connect your solar panel to your VigorPool Captain or other portable power stations and batteries.
  • The SUNMASTER 100 PRO connects seamlessly with your VigorPool Lake 300, Captain 700 and Captain 1200.
  • The highest quality components, beautifully designed and expertly manufactured for a lifetime of use.
  • The SUNMASTER 100 PRO is waterproof and carries an IP67 waterproof rating. Designed to be used in wet conditions.
  • 2 year warranty.

Add Solar Panels For Endless Power

Fully charge the CAPTAIN 700 in 7 hours with a 100W panel or 4 hours with 2 x 100W panels.


Premium Quality Solar Panel

The highest quality components, beautifully designed and expertly manufactured for a lifetime of use. Comprised of high efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells with ETFE cell armour protective coating.

The ETFE-laminated case ensures the solar panel is highly durable and The SUNMASTER 100 PRO is waterproof and carries an IP67 waterproof rating. Designed to be protect even in wet conditions.

Portable & Foldable

The SUNMASTER 100 PRO is the ideal portable power companion. It is very lightweight at under 4kg’s and its slim design (just 3 cm thick when folded) makes it portable and easy to transport. Open up, position and connect the panel in less than a minute.

Premium Carry Bag

The SUNMASTER 100 PRO comes with a premium quality zip-up carry bag for easy transport and protection.

Also included are tent style pegs to secure your panel into the ground in windy conditions.

Universal Adaptor Cable

The SUNMASTER 100 Pro comes fitted with a standard MC4 connector which connects directly to the VigorPool power stations. In addition the SUNMASTER 200 Pro includes a multi-use adaptor cable to allow connection to other portable power stations and solar charge controllers.

Connectors included are: DC5521, DC7909, XT60 and standard black/red Anderson PP45 type connector.

Charge your CAPTAIN 700 with a 100W, 2 x 100W or 1 x 200W solar panel.  The CAPTAIN 700 supports up to 30V and 12A of power with it’s built-in MPPT controller.